Always Rent Your Dream Car Before You Buy

When renting a car, most people see it as an easy way to drive around on vacation or put miles on something other than their pride and joy. While both are good aspects of car renting, one use of this service is to find your dream car and test it out. Once you have made a decision on a car you want, it’s very easy to jump the gun and buy the first one you see. Now, if it ends up working out and you love the car, that’s great! But if it doesn’t, you may have just caught insane amounts of depreciation if it’s a new car, and a lot of time wasted trying to buy and sell it. This can all be prevented by just spending some money and giving your dream car a spin. Always rent your dream car before you buy.

Whether your dream car is an old, beat-up Mercedes, or a quarter-million-dollar supercar, renting it first is a great financial move. Now, you may be thinking, “Why would I pay money to rent it when I can just test drive it for free!?”, which is probably true for your average grocery-getter, but not at all for your dream car. Going on a test drive is a short experience that only shows you the driving experience for a few minutes and the basic interior amenities. Renting a car can show you what it’s like to drive your dream car for long periods of time, how easy it is to live with, and in many cases, how much your partner likes it. Where to Rent a Car

There are many big brand renters such as “Enterprise” and “Priceline” that can get you most of what you’re looking for. These can be great for your average cars and maybe even your dream car if it’s something more common. However, if your dream car is something sporty or harder to come by, a great service to use is “Turo.” It’s an app where car owners can put their cars on rent, so it’s very easy to come across some unique rides. Using any of these services will allow you to get a feel for the car you want, and make sure that it really is the car you should own. Enjoy It!

At the end of the day, this is your dream car we’re talking about. Taking it on a drive and being with it for a few days should be an exciting experience that tests your love for the car. Another good tip for renting before buying is to make sure you get the exact model and, if possible, the same color as your dream car. If your dream car is an M2, don’t settle for another “M” model; find what you truly want! You’ve most likely done your research and scoured the internet for hours awaiting the perfect car to surface, and if it’s truly your dream car, you will know by the smile on your face, and your foot on the floor!